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traffic warning lights and beacons led flashing solar powered traffic sign for road construction

1.Polycarbonate shade impact
2.Anti-aging, high transparency
3.Performance and stable quality and reliable
4.Long life service



traffic warning lights and beacons led flashing solar powered traffic sign for road construction

1.Product Introduction of the traffic warning lights and beacons 

Solar flashing lights using solar energy for energy,through photoelectric conversion,the solar energy into electricity stored in the internal battery,and then provided to the use of flash lights. 

The use of sealed combination of light group,ultra-bright imported crystal chip LED chip.

Polycarbonate shade impact,anti-aging,high transparency.

Flash mode controller,light control,overcharge,over discharge protection,flash,slow flash,strobe, blasting (according to customer requirements to design) product performance and stable quality and reliable.

traffic warning lights and beacons (5).jpg

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the traffic warning lights and beacons

Solar Panel

12w/18v mono-crystalline


14AH/12V Deep cycle lead-acid battery

Battery Brand


LED Wavelength

Red color:625±5 nm ,Blue color:460±5 nm

Luminous intensity

more than 8000mcd

Lighting Time

100h after fully charged

LED Frequency

Flashed for 45times per minute

LED Quantity

30pcs per unit

LED Color

Red and blue

Product Size


Light-emitting area size


Luminous intensity

White:18,000mcd Red:14,000mcd

Visual Distance

>800 meters  


GE Brand Anti- UV  PC

Product Size


Wind load resistance

≥1.5KN/square meter

Work Temperature

-20 ℃ to +70 ℃



Carton Size



One year

3.Product Feature And Application of the traffic warning lights and beacons  


1. Highway maintenance operations around the scene or welcome traffic direction placed in advance,to remind the driver,slow down,drive cautiously.

2. On the road there is danger of traffic safety hazards Installation instructions drivers or pedestrians attention,effective play a warning role,to avoid traffic accidents and accidents.

Such as road intersections,corners,bridges,roadside village junctions,school gate,residential area, factory gate lights dangerous area. 


1.Flashing flash shell by the aluminum alloy combination,surface plastic paint,the appearance of fine is not easy to be corroded,prolonged use will not rust.

2.Blasting lights with sealed structure of the combination of light group,the entire lamp of the components are connected at the sealing treatment,high-performance protection,effective rain,dust invasion.

3.High transparency, high impact resistance,anti-aging polycarbonate shade,can make the lamp night distance of more than 2000 meters.

4.Burst flash with a solar panel,solar single crystal / polycrystalline solar panels,using aluminum frame glass layer,better light transmission,absorb more energy,rainy days without light when the weather can work 150 hours of electricity supply,also equipped with overcharge and over discharge protection,balance current circuit stability,circuit board with three environmentally friendly anti-paint coating,better protection performance.

4.Production Details of the traffic warning lights and beacons




1.Emergency warning lights

2.Road warning light

3.Construction warning lights

4.Temporary traffic lights

5.Traffic light signals

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