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solar powered led road markers 360 degree flashing and steady LED Pathway Driveway Lights

1.The battery is NI-MH of 600 MAH.It can anti high temperature -35℃~+80℃
2.The brand of LED is CREE
3.Solar panels using laminated technology
4.IP68,Highly water poof



solar powered led road markers 360 degree flashing and steady LED Pathway Driveway Lights 

1.Product Introduction of the solar powered led road markers

solar powered led road markers is flashing or steady solar-powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices which used for road construction on edge of road. Embedded in the road surface, they are intelligent devices compared with traditional cat's eyes that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices.The intensity of LEDs makes them easily visible at distances over 800m.

It is set along the road pavement,for night or rain and fog,Indicating the direction of road ahead,By the reverse reflective material, shell, solar panels, LED, control devices,It is active light and passive reflective performance of the visual induction facilities.

The reflex brightness of ordinary reflective road stud is only 300-400 MCD,but the luminous brightness of solar spike up to 2000 MCD above,it is 6-7 times the former.High-intensity light can go through rain and rain at night,Safe and effective for the driver to guide the direction.

The solar powered led road markers flashing at some frequency in the evening,and human vision is more sensitive to change,So its dynamic warning role is very strong.Active lighting can not only avoid the maximum rain and rain interference,And can be out of dependence on the car lights,Visual distance farther,better results.Solar road stud in the rain and fog weather and in the corners at the outline of the road,Induce driver's attention And thus eliminate the security risks played a very important role.

solar powered led road markers.jpg

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the solar powered led road markers

Body   material


Power   supply

Solar   panel(monocrystalline 2.5V/150MA for NI-MH battery;5V/60MA for lithum   battery)


NI-MH   1.2V/600MAH, Lithium battery or Super capacitor(120F)


Ultra   brightφ5   Ultra bright LED 6/8/10 LED(double side)

LED   color


Working   mode

Blinking   or constant(flashing frequency 2Hz, also can be made according to your   requirements)

Visual   distance


Working   hours

Fully   charge at 8hours and can working 120hours continuously

Water   proof


Life   span

2years   for NI-MH battery,5years for lithium battery

Load   capacity



Ф122×25   mm

3.Product Feature And Application of the solar powered led road markers


- Covered & Level Car Parks Entrance & Exit Points.
- Commercial Premises.
- Petrol Stations.
- Indoor & Outdoor Roads, Driveways.
- Convention Spaces or Factories.
- Cross Overs.
- Loading Docks.
- Railway Crossings.
- Tram Stops.
- Pedestrian Crossovers.
- School Crossings.
- Industrial Estates.
- Road Intersections.

solar powered led road markers...jpg


The Led Chip come from Taiwan Epistar;
With both solar LED and reflective lens,have better-induced effects.
The battery is NI-MH of 600 MAH.It can anti high temperature -35℃~+80℃ .
The weight resistance in static more than 20 Tons.
Visible on foggy and rainy days
IP68,Highly water poof 


1.confirm the installation location:
Firstly using a ruler to determine the installation location,to ensure that the location of the vertical in a straight Line,the installation distance according to the design requirements,the installation ground need to be flat ,dry,clean,seamless.
2.glue mixing:A glue and B glue ratio is 1:1
(for example:A glue1.0kg,B glue 1kg), then add 20%-30% cement as loading filler,the glue must be evenly mixed ,all to be the uniform color.
3.install the road stud with the mixed glue
The road surface need to be cleaned up during installation,using the proper quantity glue,both sticked firmly on the ground and not overflow from the road face,about 40g glue for one road stud ,paint the glue below of the road stud and stick it on the road surface,after sticked please turn the road stud left and right once , to paste evenly the ground and the road stud.
Look over and check the installed road stud after installation for 2 hours,if any contorted ,need to be reversed.5--road closuresRoad closures need to be over 6 hours to ensure the glue curing time.

4.Production Details of the solar powered led road markers

5.Product Qualification of the solar powered led road markers

solar powered led road markers..jpg

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the solar powered led road markers






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