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led road flare kit lithium battery rechargeable magnetic rotating light for emergency usage

1.16 PCS super bright LED
2.9 patterns of flashing and warning modes
3.Color is selectable
4.Shatterproof and waterproof



led road flare kit lithium battery rechargeable magnetic rotating light for emergency usage 


1. Product Introduction of the led road flare kit

LED warning light is made of light-emitting diodes,so the conversion efficiency of photoelectricity is very high,is the type of energy-saving lamps,currently widely used in the market.

Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety,it is usually used in police cars, fire engines, ambulances, preventive management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A / S cars and other development.

LED life by the voltage, ambient temperature and other factors,but not as light bulbs as the filament evaporation and slowly thinning,and there will be no mechanical wear,

So no need for the characteristics of the seismic structure can also impact resistance, anti-vibration,and long life

Relative to the traditional light source LED light it produces less heat,life longer than traditional light bulbs,LED power 1 watt can replace the bulb of eight watts,where the use of more energy efficient.

led road flare kit (5).jpg

2. Product Parameter(Specification) of the led road flare kit

Light source


Led quantity



Li-ion battery

LED colors


Work mode

9 kinds of pattern

Visual range

Over 10m

Working life

Over 100 000 hours


bottom with strong magnet

light angle

lighting covers 360 degree   direction


20 pcs/carton,carton size:59*25*21cm

Inner box size:11.5*11.5*9cm


Suitcase for 6 flares

5 sets/carton,carton size:38*37*36.5cm.G.W.:16kg


1      years

1.16PCS super bright orange LED bulbs, working life is more than 100,000 hours;

2. 9 patterns of flashing and warning modes, lighting covers 360 degree direction, visible for up to 10 miles away;

3. High endurance even rolled under a car;

4. Back with two strong magnets, can be attached on iron surface;

5. Shatterproof, and water- resistance.

6. Color is selectable.

led road flare kit (2).jpg

3.Product Feature And Application of the led road flare kit


Warning lights after years of development,widely used,services in the power, machinery, metallurgy, mining, security, transportation, water treatment, food, packaging, construction, ports, textiles and other dozens of industry sectors.

For the construction unit,in the road when the construction should be more light warning lights,especially in the evening road conditions are unknown,it is easy to cause some accidents,unfamiliar people can easily be tripped over,will also cause traffic congestion,so it is very necessary to set up a warning light.

led road flare kit (7).jpg


1.The new designed led warning light is essentially objected for daily safety warning,especially for night emergence use.
2.The warning light constructed with a super strong body,covered with soft TPR,provides a super stable shell structure.

3.Composed with 16 LED,the new warning light provide 9 patterns,under a powerful IC control.

4.Product details for the led road flare kit

led road flare kit.jpg

led road flare kit (9).jpg

led road flare kit (4).jpg

led road flare kit (14).jpg




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2. Led emergency road flares

3. LED traffic flares

4. Led roadside flares

5. Magnetic led flare


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