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How To Open The Market Under The New Retail Outlet
Feb 05, 2018

How to open the market under the new retail outlet?

Last weekend we participated in a talk show,three new retail industry professionals were invited to attend,to discuss the new retail outlet how to open the market, embrace the new scene?

new retail.jpg

What is new retail?New retail than the traditional retail,more is to enrich the consumer scene,also changed the form of consumption.From "goods - field - people" to "people - goods - field"

Traditional retail is the supply side,first consider what is produced,then push to the market,waiting for consumers to buy.However, the new retail will start from the demand side,what users need?how to provide?what the scene needs?and these are exactly the pain points of traditional offline businesses.

new ratails..jpg

Traditional retail companies need to think about that what occasion?through what kind of way,they will hand the limited goods to their own users.The user's purchase criteria will certainly see the cost performance,for the same quality of things,why do customers choose you?

Of course, to upgrade is in the process of Invoicing,reconsider the cost and efficiency,in the part of people's property,agree to manage the store's personnel, finance and trading system,each link is corresponding to improve efficiency.

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