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Hot Sale Solar Flame Light
Apr 19, 2018

Hot sale solar flame light

Solar flame light is the hottest product last month among our company.This light uses high-effciency solar panels,which can transform solar energy to electric energy and stock into storage battery.Then it can provide energy to LED light for shining.

solar light.jpg

The unique optical controlled technology can ensure the light auto charging in daytime.Then the light can automatically lighten at night.In addition,the lght is easy install,waterproof and anti-sunburn.

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Parameters of solar flame light

Solar panel5.5V/1w  Polysilicon 0.88W,17% efficiency
Lifespan of solar panelmore than 5 years
Battery3.7V/2200mAh lithium battery,500 circles
Light source96 PCS SMD2858 LED
Lumens350 Lux
Sensor modeLight sensor
Charging time6 hours
Working time8-10 hours
Waterproof gradeIP65
Package1 pc/box,box size:32.6*12.5*12.5cm;20 pcs/carton,carton size:66.7*41.5*67cm,G.W.:18kg

solar garden light.jpg

Additional note

1.The lamp should be charged for 5 hours under the sunlight before using.

2.If there is no good sunlight in 3 months,the battery maybe out of power.So you have to charge with bright sunlight.When it is fully charged,it can work normally.

3.If the light blinks,it shows that the power is low,thus you have to charge it with the sunlight right away.Otherwise the device will stop functioning soon.

4.If there is strong sunlight or during the winter season,especially at the north countries,it may take longer time to charge the device and this is a normal situation for solar products.

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If you want to know more about our product,you can contact us at info@xaliongroup.com,WhatsApp:0086-15829228597,Wechat & skype:julia211318.We will serve you at 24 hours.