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China Solar Road Studs
Feb 28, 2018

China solar road studs

Our company is specialized in traffic safety products.Solar road stud is one of our main products.We have solar types and reflective types.For solar types,there are normal models in the market,we also have aluminum solar road stud with 30T resistance.It is very hot in 2017.We have several big projects in Oman,South Africa,New Zealand,the Philippines and so on.We have received high reputation from them.

We will improve our products constantly in 2018,our first target is getting 20 big projects overseas from March to June.



We will serve you at 24 hours,if you have interest in our products,please contact us at info@xaliongroup.com,Skype/Wechat:julia211318,WhatsApp:+86-15829228597.