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China Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
Apr 19, 2018

China medium intensity obstruction light

Medium intensity obstruction light ZH2K is a new generation medium intensity OB light. It comes with compact-size and light-weight, which makes installation job nice & easy.

The optical part is based on Fresnel lens, a transformed convex lens which can concentrate light to a small speci angel to meet with ICAO requirements. Fresnel lens is often used to design obstruction light.

The light's ingress protection level is IP67, assures the light is well sealed to stand harsh environment include the ocean. If work with control box, more functions like synchronization could be realized. GPS or GPRS functions also available if needed.

Medium intensity obstruction light ZH2K is for tower taller than 45m. It should be used either alone, or in combination with low-intensity light type B. 

aviation obstruction light.jpg

Compliant with

Steasy-ICAO : Medium intensity type C 

Flashing-ICAO : Medium intensity type B

aviation light.JPG


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