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solar powered marine lights 5 nm visibility Buoy Navigation Lights

solar powered marine lights 5 nm visibility Buoy Navigation Lights

1.256 IALA Flash Patterns Buoy Navigation Lights
2.over 2 nautical miles visibility
3.compliance with ICAO FAA standards
4.1 year warranty



solar powered marine lights 5 nm visibility Buoy Navigation Lights 

1.Product Introduction of the solar powered marine lights

solar powered marine lights are a class of traffic lights that are installed on certain beacons to ensure safe navigation of the ship at night.it sends out the specified light color and flash frequency at night,to achieve the specified angle of exposure and visible distance.

solar powered marine lights is a white flashing solar light fixture and can be installed along both sides of inland waterway. The product can send out white omnidirectional steady burning light signal which is slowly varying to mark the direction of inland waterway, boundaries and obstruction. It is an important aid to navigation to keep shipping safely which points out safe and economic waterway for shipping.


1.The average lifespan for the lamp can be up to 15 years. The batteries are

replaceable and can be used for more than 20 years continuously, so we avoid the

trouble of frequent battery replacement. In normal use, the lamps run automatically,

FREE maintenance.

2.Resistance to low temperature performance is excellent. Lamp is particularly

suitable for use in cold regions. Operating ambient temperature range:-40℃~+55℃.

3.You can use an infrared remote control to control the lamp,operation is simple.

4.Protection class is IP68

5.Cost performance is the best among similar products

6.Visual range:3-5nm

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the solar powered marine lights

Peak intensity (flash mode)



Visual range 


Vertical beam angle 


Horizontal beam angle 


LED colors 


LED lifespan 

≥100,000   hours


>27days(12hour darkness,12.5%duty cycle)

Light controlled sensitivity

70lux/100Lux,it is adjustable

Work mode 

Meet   the IALA standards,more than 250

kinds(steady   & flash are adjustable)

Solar panel 

Monocrystalline silicon


Free maintenance(20 years free maintenance)

Lampshade material 

high-quality UV-resistant polycarbonate

Degrees of Protection





Height:310mm, Diameter:240mm

Wind Resistance


Operating ambient temperature range

-20℃ ~ +50℃

Installation size 

Φ200mm 4*Φ16.5

3.Product Feature And Application of the solar powered marine lights


1.Light emitting colors meet the IALA standards.

2.Lamp is completely sealed.rugged and durable.It can adapt to various


3.Lampshade is high-quality UV-resistant polycarbonate,

high transmittance, and corrosion-resistant.

4.Adjustable intensity:25%,50%,75%,100%.

5.Standard flash mode:more than 250 kinds.

6.Easy to replace battery

7.Color options:red,yellow,blue,green,white,infrared.


1. Ocean buoys, inland river buoys, shore beacon

2. Offshore oil and gas platforms facility signage

3. Port, Pier instructions, Canal flag

4.Production Details of the solar powered marine lights

solar powered marine lights (2).jpg

solar powered marine lights.jpg



solar powered marine lights.jpg


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