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What is solar road stud?
Nov 04, 2017

1.What is solar road stud?

Solar road stud is flashing or steady solar-powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices which used for road construction on edge and middle of road.Embedded in the road surface,they are intelligent devices compared with traditional cat's eyes that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices. The intensity of LEDs makes them easily visible at distances over 800m.

solar road studs (1).jpg

It is set along the road pavement,for night or rain and fog,Indicating the direction of road ahead,By the reverse reflective material,shell, solar panels,LED,control devices,It is active light and passive reflective performance of the visual induction facilities.

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The reflex brightness of ordinary reflective road stud is only 300-400 MCD,but the luminous brightness of solar spike up to 2000 MCD above,it is 6-7 times the former.High-intensity light can go through rain and rain at night,Safe and effective for the driver to guide the direction.


The solar road stud flashing at some frequency in the evening,and human vision is more sensitive to change,So its dynamic warning role is very strong.Active lighting can not only avoid the maximum rain and rain interference,And can be out of dependence on the car lights,Visual distance farther,better results.Solar road stud in the rain and fog weather and in the corners at the outline of the road,Induce driver's attention And thus eliminate the security risks played a very important role.

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2.How to install solar road studs?

1.Mix the glue

2.Positioning :Road stud install place must to be flat ,dry ,clean ,seamless

3.Stick with glue:using the proper quantity glue, sticked on the ground firm, after installation, please turn the road stud left and right once again to ensure the road studs paste on the road uniform

4.Road closures:Must be 6 hours of road closures to ensure the glue curing time

3.What certificates do we have for solar road studs?

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