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What is aviation obstruction light?
Oct 25, 2017

Aviation obstruction lights, also known as navigation lights lighting equipment is a special indicator of obstacles,affiliated to navigation lights lighting equipment industry.

The aviation obstruction light is the range of light in order to distinguish between general purpose lighting,aviation obstruction lights are not always bright but shining,low intensity aviation obstruction light is always bright,medium intensity aviation obstruction lights and high intensity aviation obstruction lights for the flash,flash frequency of not less than 20 times per minute,not more than 60 times per minute.

The role of the aviation obstruction light is to show the contours of the structure,so that the aircraft operator can determine the height of the obstacles and contours,play a warning role.

Aviation obstruction lights are generally divided into low intensity,medium intensity and high intensity,aviation obstruction lights vertical and horizontal distance greater than 45 meter of buildings and their facilities,three obstruction lights can be used in conjunction with each other.

aviation obstruction lights..jpg

The classification of aviation obstruction lights is as follows:

A) L-810, low intensity red obstruction light

B) L-856, high intensity white flash obstruction light, 40 flash / min

C) L-857, high intensity white flash obstruction light, 60 flash / min

D) L-864, medium intensity red flash obstruction light, 20 flash / min -40 flash / min

E) L-865, medium intensity white flash obstruction light, 40 flash / min

F) L-866, medium intensity white flash obstruction light, 60 flash / min

G) L-885, medium intensity red flash obstruction light, 60 flash / min

FAA ICAO standards aviation obstruction lights




Low-intensity Aviation Obstruction , Base with high intensity aviation aluminum casting, Fully sealed structure; Light source adopt with independent research and development dedicated LED chip, which have the specific of low power consumption and long long life; Lampshade adopt with PC material, it can resist corrosion, anti-UV, anti-shock; management circuit with  Strong lightning protection and With the surge protection device, which can adopt to extremity bad working environment. This lamp with photoswich, it can turn on when light intensity less than 50LUX,and turn off when above 50Lux.

No matter what kind of aviation obstruction lights,its number and arrangement of aviation obstruction lights at different heights,should be able to see from all aspects of the object or object "group contour"and taking into account the obstruction lights at the same time and sequence flashing,to achieve a clear warning effect.

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