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China solar garden light manufacturers
Apr 03, 2018

China solar garden light manufacturers

The solar battery of solar garden light is used to charge the rechargeable battery. When the sunlight is sufficient, the solar panel generates current and voltage to charge the battery. At night, the light output switch controls the battery output power to the load.

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Application scope and function introduction of solar garden light:

1. Road lighting, roads, yurts, tents, gardens, gardens, parks, villas, squares, piers, bridges, hotels and other outdoor lighting.

2. The switch is light controlled and will work automatically at night.

3. Charging mode uses solar charging. Full lighting time is 60 hours.

4.2 lighting modes, always on and blinking.

5. Warranty period: one year warranty.

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Precautions of solar garden light:

1. Do not immerse in corrosive liquids. This can damage the product.

2. Do not scratch the surface of the solar panel with a sharp object.

3. Please put the solar panel upright in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.

4. Non-professionals must not open the enclosure to avoid danger.

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