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China solar dual aviation obstruction light
Jan 31, 2018

China solar dual aviation obstruction light

ZTY10D Double Solar powered Aviation obstruction light

ZTY10D is a “twin” model which can be working synchronization. An internal solar panel comes with each single light of ZTY10D, provides power supply to the light, which makes ZTY10D a self-contained and care-free light unit. Also, with the solar function, the light is easy to deploy to almost any condition and any emergency case. Robust body built and surface coating provides good protection against hash environments.

ZTY10D is equipped with an 8Ah NiMH rechargeable battery for each single which could power the light up to 20 days in flashing mode when the weather is cloudy & rainy. NiMH battery is also a clean power source with no pollution. The NiMH battery is also easy to find almost anywhere.

master light.JPG


·  Ultra-Bright LED, energy saving 

·  Self-contained without outside power supply 

·  Maximum visibility distance 4 KM 

·  Once fully charged, it can work for up to 200hours 

·  Auto-off after being packed for 18 hours 

·  Either single light fails will not affect the other normal working

obstruction lamp.JPG


·  High-rise building marking 

·  Telecom tower marking 

·  Road obstruction marking 

·  Navigation aid 

·  Port, dock entrance & walkway 

·  Buoy marking 

·  Offshore gas & oil platform

obstruction light.jpg


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