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china ac aviation obstruction light manufacturer
Jan 24, 2018

China AC aviation obstruction light manufacturer

We are Specialized Manufacturer of Aviation Obstruction Lights conforming international standards (CAA, ICAO), to avoid Air accidents cause immense loss to human life and property. History is witness to innumerable air disasters. Accidents can be avoided by small precautions. Amongst various measures, visual aids are of immense importance in creating a safer sky. Tall, man-made structures and other geographical obstructions pose threat to airplanes in poor visibility. Low flying aircraft, in spite of the modern navigational facilities on board, need prominent obstruction markings in their  ght paths. These markings should be loud and clear to attract the pilot's attention.

ZDL10 Series Double Light

Double light is integrated by 2 single Light (working + stand-by). If works with control panel, it will auto-switch the “stand-by” light on when the “working” light fails, which makes sure that there is always a light working a top of the tower.

obstruction light.jpg

Light out-put

Effective intensity

10 candela

Vertical divergence

-3°~20°more than 10cd,centering at 10°

Horizontal out-put

360 Degree

LED Color


LED Lifespan

100,000 Hours


Flash Pattern

Steady-burning (default)


Input voltage

12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC


50Hz ~ 60Hz

Power consumption




Polycarbonate, UV Stabilize


Die-casting Aluminum


IP67 (when the 3/4’’ mount is well sealed


3.5 KG, double light

Temperature Range

-40°C ~ +55°C

Relative humidity

100% with condensation


340mm * 413mm * 140mm, double light


5 years


Available in flashing pattern (40FPM default)

Available with built-in photo sensor

Available with built-in alarm relay

obstruction lights.jpg

Features of aviation obstruction lights

· Special optical design provides better light distribution

· LED light source ensures long lifetime, maintenance free

· Low power consumption

· Shock and vibration resistant

· Corrosion resistant and UV stable polycarbonate housing

· Ease of mount, mount accessories available

· Available both in single and double type

· 5 years warranty

dual aviation light.jpg

Application of aviation obstruction lights

· Telecomm tower

· Radio tower

· Wind turbine

· Smoke stacks & chimney

· Tall building

· Crane

· Power transmission line

aviation lights.jpg

If you have interest in us or products,please contact us by info@xaliongroup.com,skype:julia211318.