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Cell phone bluetooth APP function outline for solar street light
Mar 01, 2018

Cell phone bluetooth APP function outline for solar street light 

1.Cellphone bluetooth app connect with street lamp build-in controller,exchange data muteally.

2.Loading controller operation data and display on app page,including controller works normally or abnormally,charging or discharging,current battery capacity,oltage,solar panel voltage,etc.

3.Enable to turn on/off lamp with violence.

4.Enable to reset needed rainy/cloudy days(3/5/5/10 days),so as to adjust corresponding lamp brightness.

5.Time control,controller synchronize local time,allow set light on/off time randomly.

6.Enable to reset needed dawn operating data.Such as open or close dawn lighting,set the dawn/dusk lighting duration.

7.Enable to reset needed lamp lighting on postpone time.

8.Following otional functions can be choose:

1>Infrared motion sensor

2>Solar/mains hybrid

3>Wind/solar hybrid

4>Flashing light indicator


9.Enable to recover factory original settings once incorrectly set programs.

10.Related technicians could adjust controller details in engineering mode.

11.Query fault,display the cause of problem and thus make pertinence maintenance.

solar street light.png

solar street lights.png

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