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led emergency lights amber light bar warning light bars for police car truck ambulance

1.The lens is made from high quality polycarbonate material
2.Working temperature is -40℃ to 55℃
3.12 months for warranty
4.Lower energy consumption with good remote visual display



led emergency lights amber light bar warning light bars for police car truck ambulance 

1. Product Introduction of the led emergency lights amber light bar

Lightbar is a newest medium top grade lightbar with super-thin and double layers profile. All the domes of this lightbar adopt imported PC and advanced technical process, high intensity, hard to crack or distort. This product have many kinds of lighting combination which make the warning effort to be more stronger and widely applicable for police, fire-fighting, ambulance, etc.

The product is a newest super-thin profile, individual hexagon shape design, clear line, solemn and majestic.Adopting high-brightness LED as light sources.Aluminum alloy provides strong anti-impact ability. Fully-sealed design makes it dust-proof and water-proof, the ability reaches IP65 international standard. Through baking enamel process, the light bar never fade.Without mechanical transmission, the lightbar is low wearing and noise. The beam is pure and of high anti-fog ability.

led emergency lights amber light bar (2).png

2. Product Parameter(Specification) of the led emergency lights amber light bar







Light source




Work modes

Strobe, explosion-flashing,water flash,flashing around


5 pcs/carton N.G.:5.5kg ; Volume weight.:25kg

Carton size


Product size


3.Product Feature And Application of the led emergency lights amber light bar


Warning lights are generally used to maintain road safety,usually used in police cars, engineering vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, preventive management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S cars, machinery and equipment development,machinery, electricity, machine tools, chemicals, telecommunications, ships, metallurgical and other electrical control circuit for the control signal interlock and so on.

led emergency lights amber light bar (2).jpg


1. High-brightness LED explosion-proof module,excellent flash performance

2. Replaceable LED module

3. Small size aerodynamic shape construction,so that the air resistance of high-speed vehicles to minimize

4. Inside and outside the lampshade use colorless transparent PC material,make it a bright color signal

5. Mechanical strength and heat resistance lasting maintenance,and can prevent high-intensity UV products

6. Upper and lower panels with aluminum alloy material,strong shock resistance

7.LED module equipped with efficient heat sink,the heat generated in the product is scattered at any time

4.Product details for the led emergency lights amber light bar 

led emergency lights amber light bar (4).jpg

led emergency lights amber light bar (3).jpg

led emergency lights amber light bar (1).jpg

5.Why choose us

Believe in us, believe in your choice:

1-stop solution supplier for OEM/ODM 

5 years on LED lighting developing

8 years in exporting and overseas market exploiting; 

100% internal QC ensures products’ quality 

100% and perfect after-sales service guarantee plan;  

3000sqm clean workshop for quality assurance

Customized design is welcomed and developing new products every month with our own R&D in our 

own factory

6.Installation of the led emergency lights amber light bar

1, Remind: warning light is positive and negative, positive connection 58 port, the negative screw, otherwise it will not flash

2, the normal wiring method, wiring, one end of the screw, one end of the broken line then 58 port, once again broken line line, only normal flashing.

3, small warning lights generally connected to the red line corresponds to the battery cathode, black line corresponding to the battery anode, in addition to halogen rotation warning lights




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2. Led warning light bar

3. Emergency lights for vehicles

4. Emergency vehicle lights

5. Led amber light bar


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